The Video Game Designer Career - Why Its Not Easy!

Published: 16th March 2010
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If you're looking to be a video game designer, then you have to realize that there is much work involved. You won't simply be thinking up game ideas and having everyone else around you make it a reality -- it's not that simple of a job.

A video game designer career requires a person to be well educated in the field of game design. This means that not only will you need a high-school degree, but you'll also need a college (or technical school) degree as well. This may not be a problem for some, but for others (such as hardcore gamers), its a rather large barrier.

It's not that gamers are stupid -- it's just that they are more in-tune with playing games than they are with designing them. In light of that fact, if you're a gamer, a video game designer career might not be your best option; at first anyway. Instead, what you may want to consider is a career in professional video game testing.

Unlike a video game designer, a game tester gets a lot of hand-on experience with WORKING video games. Rather than using tools, design software, and pictures to create/improve the game, a video game tester will actually be playing the video game and helping to make it better for fellow players.

Believe it or not, a career as a video game tester is a great stepping stone for someone that wants to begin a video game designer career in the future. Why is that? Because it gives the person some vital first-hand experience of the numerous game development stages. Aside from just testing games, you will be interacting with other individuals whom make the gaming world go-round; programmers, testers, designers, graphics artists, sound engineers, software developers, you name it. Each one of these people contributes and adds something different to a video game; so by getting to know them, you get a better understanding of how everything works.

The most obvious reason of why to start a career in game testing first is because it's easier. Unlike a career in game designing, no education is required to test video games. Not only that, but you can get started with professional game testing in just a few weeks to a few months. Game testing is easier, it's faster, and it's the perfect launching point for you to start a video game designer career!

If you want to be a video game designer, yet first want to get some much needed experience as a paid video game tester, then try visiting right now to discover how you can get started professionally testing video games. Not only will you make some money, but you'll get some much needed industry experience to boot!

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