The Surfboard For Beginners - How Much Should You Spend?

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Published: 14th December 2010
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The debates regarding how much a beginners surfboard should cost along with how it ought to be used remain unchanged. Group ONE thinks that a beginners surfboard should be EXCEPTIONALLY cheap because of the tendencies of brand new surfers and how they ROUTINELY smash up their surfboards. Group TWO believes that your first board should be hugely resilient (and often times, expensive) so that it may endure the pounding it is almost certainly going to receive. They propose that spending money on brand-new, cheap boards each month is completely idiotic. Which group is right?

When you get right down to it, the sort of board you select will depend entirely on your preference and spending budget. Buying a really sturdy beginners surfboard, which just costs a bit more, isn't actually a bad plan -- and don't let any person tell you differently. After all, provided you can afford it, why not buy a surf board which is extra resistant to scrapes & dings? Of course, not everybody has limitless sums of cash that may be spent on top-quality "ding resistant" surfboards. And if that's the case for you, well, there's no shame in tossing down less for your board, particularly if you believe you're just going to smash it up like crazy -- which is not unheard of for a brand new surfer. Just throw down $160, get yourself a standard board, and then paddle out to those glorious waves. Will you need to buy a replacement in the future? Well, yeah, naturally you are going to have to buy a replacement eventually. BUT, at the same time, don't you think this is a wiser alternative than just waiting around & trying to save up for some ultra expensive surf board? Most of us would rather surf with a cheap board NOW than wait who knows how long and surf with an expensive board LATER.

Some Brief Tips For Hit It & Quit It Surf Board Users.

- You Aren't Cool Enough For A Narrow Board. Yeah, Yeah, the cool boys and girls got those oh-so cool narrow, sleek looking boards that make you giddy with excitement - I know. It might be frustrating for you to read, but you've still got to read it: you're not an ultra cool surfer and you can NOT yet master a small, narrow board, period. If you truly wish to make a go at being a GREAT surfer, then it is important to begin with those BIG, SUPER THICK surfboards. Without having this type of board, buoyancy and paddling get a lot of tougher than they should be. And at this pointin your surfing career, making things easy is a MUST.
Take a second and think about it; would you rather be using a massive, bulky surf board which helps make surfing safer and easier (not to mention enhances your technique) OR a narrow, extra sleek board (the type all the "cool kids" use) which only helps you to wipeout a lot more?

- Softboards Are Your Ally. These surfboards are, as you may certainly guess, SOFT. A soft board will make injuries significantly less likely, and they are typically considerably more resistant to the destructive power of MASSIVE waves. Softboards can be purchased in local surf shops as well as on online surfing board websites. With the increasing number of online surf board shops popping up left & right -- and their continuing pricing wars -- it's generally smarter to buy surfboards online instead of locally. Learning how to surf with MINIMAL accidents, don't you just love life?

- The Shape Is Irrelevant. This is one of the many surfboard characteristics that simply does not matter this early on, and that goes double for the boards fins. Right now, all you should be doing is learning how to surf correctly and without a huge amount of difficulty. Trying to take on more than the basics of surfing, at this point, is just dumb. Its not necessary to know anything else about surfboards but this: they can float well on water and can be used to ride enormous ocean waves.

Every surfer has to start somewhere, right? That said, if you want to get started the RIGHT WAY, then head over to and learn what you need to about surfboards for beginners. After all, how can you become a better surfer if you're constantly using the WRONG TYPES of boards?

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