The Effect of Insomnia and Its Dangers

Published: 15th October 2008
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Although there are many side effects of insomnia that can interfere with your daily life, there is one side effect of insomnia that is the most dangerous of all. Which one is it? Quite simply, lack of concentration and focus.

The lack of concentration and focus brought on by insomnia can be deadly, for both you and for those whom are around you. Why is this? Because you will not react to situations as quickly nor as efficiently as you normally would with a good night's rest. Obviously, this means little if you're at home on the couch or if you're sitting in your office quietly, as no one will likely be in danger. However, in an area that requires your full attention & focus, such as the road for instance, the dangers can be immense.

A split second of indecisiveness on the road could cost you your life or it could cost the life of a fellow driver. And since you aren't operating at 100% efficiency, the odds of you being a bit indecisive or "distracted" are quite high.

How can you get this effect of insomnia under control? By getting a more restful night's sleep, that's how. Unfortunately though, this isn't an easy task for insomnia sufferers, as they have many obstacles keeping them from obtaining a good night's sleep. The best way to reach "peaceful sleep" is to identify those obstacles -- whether they be stress, poor diet, or a deeper more sinister health problem -- and then take the appropriate action to remove them.

If you're a "healthy" insomniac, meaning you don't have any underlying illnesses causing your sleeping problem, follow these 5 insomnia tips.

- Use Sleep Music: There are specific sounds, patterns, and rhythmic tunes that are specially designed to lull you to sleep. Listen to these sounds while in bed and you may find that sleep overcomes you more easily.

- Get a Massage: A massage can be very soothing, allowing you to more easily relax and get comfortable. Ask a love one (or trained professional) to gently massage your shoulders or back before going to sleep.

- Take a Warm Bath: 20 to 30 minutes in a warm bath can be very relaxing, allowing even the most sleep deprived individual to get into "sleep mode". Add some bath salts for an even more relaxing treatment.

- Don't Sleep In. Sleeping in, no matter how much you want to, will throw your bed time schedule completely out-of-whack. Even if it's the weekend, make it a goal to get up at the same time each day.

- No More Alcohol or Tobacco: Studies show that alcohol and tobacco abuse upset a person's natural sleeping rhythm. Having said that, stop smoking and drinking during the day if you want to sleep better at night.

These insomnia tips should be able to help you relax and get a better nights sleep. If you're able to get more restful sleep each night because of these tips, well, the most dangerous side effect of insomnia won't interfere with your life anymore; which means lives may have been saved!
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